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I have told you in the past about a great Thomas the Tank Engine tutorial and a few weeks ago I had a chance to try it.  Thomas is a bit overwhelming when it comes to the amount of detail he requires so next time there will be a few things I do differently and I now realize I over looked.  One being that the red base should stick out further than the rest of the train.  Wendy's tutorial is amazing and it especially helped when I was making Thomas' face.  She taught me techniques that I will use in future projects.  I really love her tip about piping the icing onto the cake.  It really does give you so much more control.

That being said, there are a few things I did differently and made the process a little bit easier for me.

  1. I made the base using blocks and foam core.  By raising Thomas up onto a stand, it made the cake look more like the toy.  Next time I will make the base bigger and use a Styrofoam block.  The outside of the base was covered with black icing to make it look like part of the cake and the wheels were stuck to the sides.  It is also important to note that Thomas was glued down and two dowels were used for extra support through his largest section.
  2. After the cakes cooled, I leveled, stacked, and filled my cakes.  I froze them that way to save time later.
  3. To help me carve the section for Thomas' face, I created the front platform and placed his face into position.  I then took my piping bag and traced around his face with icing.  When the face was removed, I was left with an outline to help me get the correct size, shape and position. (Sorry I didn't take a picture)
  4. I also baked extra cake in case I didn't have enough to get the right shape.  I am very glad I did this because I definitely needed it.

Things I will do different next time....

  1. I will scale down the size.  He was way too big for me.  I would rather put him on top of another cake that looked liked railroad tracks then make something this big.  He felt like he was going to fall over!
  2. The red base will stick out further than the rest of him.
  3. The base will be made out of Styrofoam and the board that Thomas is sitting on will be foam core.

Thank you Wendy for all of the hard work you put into your tutorial.

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2 Responses to "Thomas the Tank Engine Cake"

  1. I Love Cake Decorating Says:

    Wow! That is so cool. My nephew loves Thomas the tank and would flip if he saw this cake. It was really smart of you to put the cake on a platform and I agree that using Styrofoam as a base would make it easier on you in the future. You did a great job though and for your first time I personally think you aced it!

  2. Kim @ PCD Says:

    Thank you so much for your comments. Your website is great. I would love to share one of your recipies with everyone.

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