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Now, I've never claimed to be a professional and aside from my minimal training from Wilton's cake decorating classes at my local AC Moore and Food Network's cake shows, I'm am pretty much self taught.  However, along the way I have fixed disasters and learned tricks to help me become a better decorator and baker.  In the coming weeks I plan to add a new section to my blog focusing on these tips called 'Tricks of the Trade.'  In this section I will also share answers to the questions you have been e-mailing me.  So keep asking away and you might just see your question on my blog.   :)

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1 Response to "Coming Soon ~ Tricks of the Trade"

  1. Celeste stone Says:

    I am excited to hear your tricks! I am too self taught and one of the biggest problems I keep having is small tears in the fondant exspecially around the rim of cake. I am about to venture in to covering a sphere in fondant and other shapes any tips u could give me?

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