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As you may know, copper cookware is one of the best products you can use.  The copper transfers heat evenly which not only prevents burning and hot spots but locks in the flavor and nutritional value of your food as well.  It is a bit pricey but it is made to last a lifetime...especially the cookware at  I recently came across this site and wanted to share some of there copper cookware useful to cake decorating.

Copper is great for heating sugar because it is very important that you don't burn it.  By heating it evenly you are sure to melt your sugar perfectly every time.  The spout on the 8 inch sugar pan to the left makes pouring your sugar into molds even easier.

In previous posts I have talked about making cake pops.  If you are familiar with them you already know that they are dipped in melted chocolate.  For all the same reasons copper is great for sugar, it is perfect for melting chocolate.    The copper fondue set pictured to the right is not only beautiful for entertaining but will work wonders when covering dessert items in chocolate.

Ruffoni Cookware also has a large selection of copper molds for baking and decoration not to mention pots and pans in various sizes.  Stop by their site for more products and prices.

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