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Jack-o-lantern Cake

Here is a super easy Halloween Pumpkin cake. In this guide you will learn how to stack the cakes and decorate in order to recreate this Jack-o-lantern. If you are looking to challenge yourself, cover the cake in orange fondant.

To make this cake you will need...

2 cakes baked in a bunt pan
Orange, green and black buttercream icing
Small paper or plastic cup
Round cake board


Step 1

Make sure the tops and the bottoms of the cakes are flat so the cake doesn't tip when it is decorated. Place the cakes on the cake board then fill and cover with orange buttercream icing.

***Decorator's Tip***
Place the bottom cake on the cake board so the smaller part is down and the larger part is up. The top cake has the large part on the bottom and the small part facing up. There is really only 1 way to do this so the cake looks like a pumpkin.

Step 2

Cover the small cup with green buttercream icing and place on top of the cake.

Step 3

Using black buttercream icing (or a tube of black) and tip # 3 or 4, pipe the face.

***Decorator's Tip***
If you don't trust yourself piping free hand, first draw the face with a toothpick.

That's it, 3 simple steps and you have a Jack-o-Lantern Cake. Now that you have extra time on your hands, you should check out a great blog for the crafter at heart. Destination Handmade has a little bit for everyone.

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  1. Jamie Says:

    Cute Cake and easy too, thanks for mentioning my blog and take a look at it for some cute sugar skulls!

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