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Inspiration comes from everywhere. Today I read two blogs that motivated me to do something great. I'm Still Standing and Confessions of a Playground Princess are two wonderful blogs written by a truly inspiring women. Do not miss out on these great reads.

After reading these blogs I started doing a little research and came across a wonderful, cake oriented, charity. It is called Free Cakes for Kids and they believe, as do I, that every child deserves a birthday cake. That is why it is their mission to help make birthdays special for as many children as possible. This group is 100% non-profit and made up of volunteer bakers from all over the country. You do not need to own a bakery to help support this cause, just a big heart and a love for baking. Every day these volunteers are creating amazing cakes for children that would not otherwise have one. If you love baking and are looking for a way to help make the world a better place, check out and find out how you can become a volunteer.

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  1. Guest Says:

    hi kim,
    just a short note to say happy saturday and thank you for your sweet post! i hope that someone reads it and comes over and say's hi.. i love meeting new people! thanks again!

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