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Last week I posted about Unique Cake Decorating Items on One of these items was a cake topper that used beads. Today I came across a blog post (August Birthstones-Peridot, Sardonyx, Carnelian) by Silver Rose Blogs and came up with a new cake idea using birthstones and beads.

Sometimes it can be difficult coming up with ideas for a birthday cake. Especially when a person's interests are not easily transferred into cake. When you need to make a birthday cake but don't have any ideas or inspirations, make a birthstone cake.

Beads can be used many different ways on a cake. They can be strung on a string, then wrapped around the bottom as a boarder and strung on wire to be used as a cake topper or placed all around the cake so the cascade down the sides.

If you do not want to use real beads, you can also purchase or make edible beads in the color of your choice. To make your own, all you need is a mold like the ones listed below and dyed gumpaste.

If you want to know more about birthstones, check out Silver Rose Blogs for more information.

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