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Movie Cake

In this guide you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to make movie themed, gumpaste decorations for your cake.

This is a great cake for any movie theme. As you can see, I made this as a birthday cake but it would also be great as an anniversary cake, movie night cake, or even an Oscar party.

Make decorating this cake even easier. Complete a cake kit and individual gumpaste decorations now available at my handmade shop.

To make this cake you will need...

12 or 14 inch round cake board
10 inch round cake
Large Circle cookie cutter
Medium sized petal cutter
Large and small star cookie cutter
2 lollipop sticks
Tips #5, 3, and 2
Gray, white, brown, black, and yellow gum paste
White, red, yellow, and black buttercream icing

You do not need an air brush but it will definitely save you time on any cake, especially when you need to make black and red decorations.


A few days in advance make the filmstrips, clap board, film reel, billboard and stars. 
  • To make the filmstrips cut rectangular shaped pieces of gumpaste and mold them to shape using tissue.  You can use tan gumpaste and once dry you can paint on the black frames.  Another option is to use white gumpaste and paint everything once it dries.
  •   To make the movie reel, roll out black gumpaste leaving it fairly thick and cut out a long strip.  Roll this strip around itself to resemble a rolled up filmstrip.  Next, roll out the gray gum paste and cut out two large circles.  Then, with the petal cutter cut out the holes around the center of the circles (refer to picture above).  Once everything is dry, assemble the movie reel by applying some water to each piece and stick them together.  They will need to dry for at least one more day.
  • To make the clapboard, roll out black gumpaste and cut to shape.  When rolling out the gumpaste, leave it on the thick side so it holds up better once it dries.  When dry, pipe on the white details with white buttercream icing.  Another option is to use white gumpaste, tape off the details you want to leave white (i.e. the stripes) with scotch tape, then airbrush or paint the clapboard black.  When the black color dries you can remove the tape.
  • To make the billboard, roll out a thick piece of white gumpaste and cut a large rectangle to the size you desire.   Place 2 lollipop sticks in the bottom and let dry.  Once the gumpaste is dry, pipe on the details with buttercream icing and tip #2 for the lights and #3 for the words.
  •  To make the stars, roll out yellow gumpaste and cut out the stars with a small and large cookie cutter.

Step 2

Finally it is time to level, tort and fill the cakes.  Place them on your cake board and ice with white buttercream icing.

Step 3

With red buttercream icing and tip #5, pipe on the red carpet.  If you have an airbrush, you can airbrush on the carpet but be sure to make a template so that you do not get red on the rest of the cake. 

 Step 4

As a boarder, place the small stars around the bottom of the cake. 

Step 5

Place your gumpaste decorations on the cake.  Be sure to secure them in place with buttercream icing.

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3 Responses to "How to Make a Movie Themed Cake"

  1. Yana Says:

    How long does it take to create such cake?

  2. Piece of Cake Decorating Says:

    Most of the steps to make this cake need to be done in advance. This cake will take up to a week because you have to account for drying time. The actual decorating of the cake will probably only take an hour.

  3. Stephanie Says:


    I am very new to cake decorating and I would love to make this cake as my first themed cake. But I have a question regarding the instructions for making the filmstrip...You said "To make the filmstrips cut rectangular shaped pieces of gumpaste and mold them to shape using tissue." How do you use tissue to mold this?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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