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Margaritaville/Beach Cake

In this guide you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to decorate this beach/Margaritaville themed cake. I will also give tips on how to make edible sand and water.

This cake was made for a group birthday party and the theme was Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. In this cake guide you will learn techniques like making sand and making the water look more realistic.

To make this cake you will need:

12 or 14 inch cake board
2 10 inch round cakes
Blue buttercream icing
Royal icing tropical flowers (instructions not included but click to purchase)
Graham Crackers or Nilla Wafers
Blue icing coloring
Piping gel
Tips #2 and 19
Toy palm trees
Toy or handmade paper parrots (instructions included)
Margaritaville sign (instructions included)
Mini margaritas (instructions included)
Mini beach towel
Mini surf board


Step 1:

Level, tort and fill your cakes then place them on the cake board. Ice the cakes with light blue buttercream icing. In order to make the beach look hilly, ice mounds on the top half of the cake.

Step 2:

Ground up the Nilla Wafers using a food processor or a Zip Lock bag and a rolling pin. Then, place the crumbled wafers on the top of the cake to make sand.

Step 3:

Color the piping gel blue and spread it on the other half of the cake as pictured. To get the water to look wavy, spread it so that the piping gel is not smooth.

***Decorator's Tip*** For an added detail, put a small amount of light blue icing on a tooth pick and run it through the "water." This will make it look like the top of your waves has foam.

Step 4:

Using tip #19, pipe on your boarder along the edge of the water on top of the cake. Then, place the royal icing flowers around the bottom of the cake as a boarder.

Step 5:

Place your trees, surfboard, and other accessories on the cake. Finally, write your message in the water with light blue icing and tip #3.

Instructions for paper parrots, sign, and mini margaritas:

  • The paper parrots and sign were very easy to make. Save these pictures to your desktop and open them in any picture program that allows you to resize images. Paint will work just fine. Next, print and cut out your pictures. Finally, tape them to a toothpick. If you want to hide the toothpick just put the same picture on the other side but remember that you will need to use the mirror images for the parrots.

  • To make the mini margaritas, I purchased miniature dollhouse glasses. I first dipped the rim in a little bit of water and then into some sugar. To make the drink, I filled the glass with light green icing.

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