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This is a very easy cake to make and will be loved by boys of all ages. Whether you are a cake decorating novice or expert, this is a great cake to make.

To make this cake you will need...

1 Foam board cut to size

Sports themed wrapping paper

Clear cellophane

1 Wilton Ball Pan - bake 1 cake

1 Wilton Wonder Pan or Pampered Chef's Large Glass Measuring Cup- bake 1 cake

1 Bread Pan - bake 2 cakes

Chocolate icing

White, orange, and tan buttercream icing

1 tube of black icing

1 tube of red icing

Tips #3, 5, and 21


Step 1:

Cover the cut foam board with sports themed wrapping paper and then clear cellophane.

Step 2:

Make the basketball by placing the half of a ball cake onto the cake board and cover it with orange icing. Using the black icing and tip #5, pipe the lines onto the ball.

***Decorator's Tip*** To ensure accuracy in your piping, first draw the lines on the cake with a toothpick.

Step 3:

  • Make the football by first cutting the cake from the Wilton Wonder Mould (or Pampered Chef) in half and trim off and extra from the top. **Do not throw the trimmings away!**
  • Place the cut sides down with the larger sides facing each other. You will now have something that resembles a football.
  • Use the trimmings to give each end of the football more of a point.
  • Ice the cake with chocolate or brown icing.
  • Using tip #21 or any tip with a flat edge and white buttercream, pipe the large lines on the football. Using tip #5 and white buttercream, pipe on the stitching.

Step 4:

  • To make the baseball bat, place the two bread pan cakes side by side to make one long cake. You can fill these cakes if you wish.
***Decorator's Tip*** Carve the cake before you put it on the cake board.
  • Cut the cake into the shape of a bat. If you are hesitant to do this, you can always draw it out on a piece of paper and use it as a template. This way you will be sure that your bat is symmetric.
  • Ice the bat with tan icing. Using tip #21 and red icing, pipe on the red tape on the bat's handle. Write your message using tip #3 and black icing.

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1 Response to "How to Make a Sports Cake"

  1. Paula Says:

    I like these cakes. Kind of makes me want a little boy to make them for.

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