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Slumber Party Cake

In this guide you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to decorate this large bed. I will also discuss how to make the blanket, girls, and headboard.

Today I was reading this great blog,, and was inspired to share this cake. I thought of this cake because the blog chronicles the life of a blended family with 5 kids, 4 cats, 3 dogs, 2 fish, and a dog...oh and don't forget Mom and Dad. Can't you just picture them all in a big bed like this? So as you can see, this cake can be used for more than a slumber party. It can be the "family bed" as well.

You will need:
Pink fondant
Tan fondant
Royal icing or chocolate colored yellow, brown, black, and gold for hair and crown.
Buttercream icing colored white and pink
White Chocolate
Wax Paper


Step 1

A few days in advance you need to make the fondant faces and chocolate work. To make the headboard, draw a template on a white piece of paper. Tape down template onto flat surface and cover with wax paper. Next, melt the white candy melts and pour in a piping bag. Pipe the white chocolate on your template.

*Decorator's Tip* Pipe the spindles for the headboard as thick as you can. Chocolate is very delicate.

Option #2 for the headboard: If you look behind the white headboard you can see a silver board in the same shape. Because the chocolate was do delicate, I placed the silver headboard behind the chocolate one. If my client wasn't insistent on the chocolate headboard I would have left the silver one by itself. To make the silver headboard I cut foam core board to shape and covered it with Wilton Fanci Foil.

Step 2: Make the faces

The faces are made of fondant circles died tan (fondant can also be purchased tan) I used royal icing to make the hair, bows and crown. Chocolate can also be used to make these features. I used black icing for the eyes and pink icing for the mouth.

Step 3

Level off and fill the cakes. Cover the cake with buttercream. On the sides of the cake, use a star tip and pipe vertical stripes to look like a bed skirt.

Step 4

The bodies under the blanket are made with fondant. Shape the fondant to look like a fat hot dog and space them on the cake as needed, leaving room at the top for the head. Roll out a long strip of fondant to make a very long pillow. The heads will eventually rest on this strip.

Step 5

Die the fondant pink and roll it out large enough to cover the top and part of the sides of the cake. Clean up the edges of the fondant by trimming it with a pizza cutter or knife.

Step 6

Lay fondant blanket over the top of the bed. Carefully press the fondant down between the fondant bodies to give the appearance of the girls laying in the bed.

Step 7

Place heads on the cake. In my cake the birthday girl is wearing a crown. It is held on the head with royal icing.

Step 8

Place headboard on cake. It is secured in the back with extra buttercream icing.

*Decorator's tip* If you are transporting the cake you may want to wait until you arrive at the party to place the headboard on the cake.

Step 9

Pipe large circle dots on the blanket.

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3 Responses to "How to Make a Slumber Party Cake"

  1. Carol Shwanda Says:

    I've made a variation of this cake for my children when they were little and they loved it! So much fun. I used Twinkies cut in half for the beds and Nilla wafers for the faces. Great cakes all around. Will add you to my blogroll on my craft/activity site: Thanks for all the fun ideas.

  2. Piece of Cake Decorating Says:

    That's a cute variation. I love it.

  3. Karen Says:

    This is adorable! What a great idea for a party. I am here through Creative Bloggers.

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