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For those of you who are not familiar with it, royal icing is an icing that, when dry, becomes hard. It is especially great for flowers but I have used it to make small plaques that can be placed anywhere on a cake.
An important thing to note about royal icing is that until it is hard, it cannot touch oils in anyway. When it touches oil in it's icing form it will break down and become very runny. It is best to use glass measuring cups, metal spatulas, metal mixing bowls and attachments, and disposable piping bags. Reusable, plastic, piping bags and plastic baking utensils hold onto oils after they are washed so it is best to steer clear of them.
With that being said, royal icing is a great medium to work with and can make wonderful embellishments for your cake.

Wilton's Recipe for Royal Icing Yield: 3 cups
3 level tablespoons Wilton Meringue Powder
1 lb confectioners' sugar
5-6 tablespoons lukewarm water.

Place confectioners' sugar and Meringue Powder in a bowl. Stir or mix at low speed until blended. Add water and mix 7-10 minutes at low-medium speed until icing loses its sheen. To prevent drying, be sure to cover the bowl with a damp cloth while working with icing.
Store in an airtight glass or metal container for up to 2 weeks. To reuse, beat on low speed to restore original texture.

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