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This cake was fairly easy to make but very time consuming. To make this cake you will need...

Wilton Mini Wonder Mold Doll Pan

10 inch Round Cake Pan

12 Wilton Mini Doll Picks

Two 14 inch Silver Cake Boards

Large Star Tip


Step 1

Bake 2 10 inch round cakes and 12 mini wonder mold doll cakes. Then, level, tort, and fill the 10 inch cake.

Step 2

Cover the 10 inch cake with ganache icing. Once the cake is covered in ganache, place the cake on one of the silver cake boards and pipe boarder around the bottom of the cake using a large star tip. I placed the cake off center to leave room in front for some of the Barbies.

*Decorator's Tip* To create a two-color boarder, put both of your colors in the bag side by side. When you pipe, the icing will appear stripped.

Step 3

Decorate the cone shaped cakes to look like dresses. This can be done anyway you wish so I will not give step-by-step directions.

Step 4

Place mini doll picks into the top of each dome cake and place cakes randomly on the board.

Step 5
For extra decoration I made royal icing flowers ahead of time and placed them around the cakes.

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