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Thank you for you interest in Piece of Cake Decorating. This site is updated at least three to four times a week with new cake guides, items for sale, and product reviews that keep our readers coming back. Piece of Cake Decorating receives, on average, over 11,000 unique visitors and over 24,000 page views a month and has a Google page rank of 2. We are dedicated to serving our sponsors in the best way possible so if you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to ask.
Contact Us
Please submit any interest in advertising, product reviews or giveaways to We are also available to answer any questions that may not be found in the information below.

Product Reviews
Send an e-mail to describing the product you would like to submit for a giveaway and/or review. Please include a link to your website and please specify your interest in either a giveaway or review. We will contact you within 48 hours with an address to send samples.
While we currently do not charge for product reviews, we do require a sample for all reviews. The sample will not be returned, and you will be responsible for any shipping costs involved.

Another great way to get your product seen and generate traffic to your site is by sponsoring a giveaway. You will have the option of running your giveaway on Piece of Cake Decorating for one or two weeks. Our giveaway will require that participants visit your site and answer a related question. A typical question might be “Please visit the sponsors site [linked] and in a comment tell us about another product that interests you."
Frequently Asked Questions
When will you let me know if my item will be reviewed?
Once we receive your e-mail, we will respond to you within 48 hours and provide you with an address where you can send samples.
How long will it be, once you receive the product, before it is highlighted?
We make every effort to review products in a timely manner. Most reviews will be made at least 1 week after the product is received.

Will you tell me when the review is posted?
Yes. We will inform you when the review of your item(s) is scheduled to be posted and will send you the link.
Can we require a positive review?
Unfortunately we can not guarantee a positive review. We do, however, promise honest feedback and if we feel that your product does not meet quality standards, we will contact you before posting your review.
How long will our product be highlighted?
We update our site 3-4 times a week therefore, you will have the top spot until the next topic is posted. However, once your review moves from the top spot, it will be scrollable on the homepage for a period of time. If we feel your product is useful, a product link will be posted in all appropriate cake guides. All reviews are also permanently accessible in the top navigation bar.
What makes you different?
What makes us different from other review sites is that we not only USE your products but we will continue to promote them through our cake guides if we find them useful.

Will my item be returned?
No. Your samples will not be returned because we fully use each product thus making returning impossible. On occasion, I will work with you on loaner items but, it will be your responsibility to pay for shipping the loaners back.

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